Nyonya Platter

Ngo Hiang, Plum Sauce Chicken, Otak-otak, Assam Prawn, Cold Salad.

Nyonya Ngo Hiang

Deep-fried dried bean curd skin filled with seasoned minced pork, prawns, water chestnut and carrot served with chili and sweet sauce. This dish is a must-try Nyonya delicacy!


Spicy tingiri (mackerel) fish meat is mixed with prawn paste coupled with coconut milk, yellow ginger and other spices. This traditional Nyonya fishcake is served wrapped in a banana leaf to retain its fragrance.

Mince Tofu/Fried Tofu
Nyonya Mee

The noodles fried with streaky pork and shrimps and garnished with chinese parsley, spring onions and fried spring onions. It is served with a side concoction and pineapple, cucumber sauce and pound chili.

Nyonya Fried Rice